[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/HotChip_03_Thumb.jpg”]Hot Chip[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/HotChip_03.jpg” icon=”fa-spotify” url=””]On June 21st 2019, British group Hot Chip will release their seventh studio album, A Bath Full of Ecstasy. Their third album for Domino, A Bath Full of Ecstasy is the group’s definitive release, crystallising the sound they’ve become celebrated for – bridging euphoria and melancholy with colourful melodies, idiosyncratic vocalisations and pounding electronic pop rhythms. The album also sees them open up to a more adventurous and collaborative song-writing process, choosing to work with outside producers for the first time: Philippe Zdar, the French maestro who’s shaped the magic of Cassius and Phoenix, and Rodaidh McDonald, the Scot who’s collaborated with The XX, David Byrne and Sampha, among others.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/FriendlyFires_01_Thumbnail.jpg”]Friendly Fires[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/FriendlyFires_01.jpg” icon=”fa-spotify” url=””]Formed by a trio of lifelong friends, Friendly Fires began combining the anthemic choruses and swooning melodies of indie rock and shoegaze with the insistent pulse of dance music in the mid-2000s. This mix of styles sounded prescient on 2008’s Friendly Fires and 2011’s Pala, while the band’s later singles and albums reflected how enmeshed the worlds of indie and dance were as the 2010s came to a close.
Hailing from St. Albans in Hertfordshire, England, vocalist/keyboardist Ed Macfarlane, guitarist Edd Gibson, and drummer Jack Savidge met at St. Albans School. While they were still in their early teens, they formed the post-hardcore band First Day Back, which lasted until the trio went to university. Macfarlane, Gibson, and Savidge then changed their sound to reflect their growing interest in dance music (during this time, Macfarlane also made electronic music that he released via Manchester’s Skam Records). Taking inspiration from Prince, Carl Craig, and the output of Kompakt Records, the band became Friendly Fires.

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-02.jpg” num=”1″]Hercules and Love Affair[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-02.jpg” num=”1″ icon=”fa-spotify” url=””]Andy Butler, best known for his project Hercules and Love Affair, has been a forerunner in electronic music since Hercules’s debut release on DFA. His relevance and foresight carries on to this day as evidenced by the recent “The Change EP”. For the past 25 years his electric, intuitive, and highly personal approach towards selection and mixing is unlike any other. Andy’s sound is versatile, reflected not only in the Hercules catalog but also in his many remixes for artists such as Roisin Murphy, Chromeo, etc. Whether it be one of his regular visits to Berlin’s Panorama Bar or Glastonbury Festival’s Block 9 or a much more intimate underground dancefloor, Andy truly loves taking audiences on a journey. Count on that journey being a very unique and thrilling one to say the least.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-03.jpg” num=”2″]LouisAhhh[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-03.jpg” num=”2″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]A New Yorker in Paris, RAAR label boss Louisahhh is an international artist and DJ whose global success straddles the world of techno, industrial, pop, and punk. Armed with songs that cover the gamut from love, kink, and BDSM, to addiction, surrender, and death, in Louisahhh, punk has found its new heroine. Louisahhh’s latest single ‘Feral Rhythm’ was released last September 6, 2019 on RAAR, and her eagerly anticipated debut LP is expected in early 2020.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Kamma&Masalo_02_Thumb.jpg”]Kamma & Masalo[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/kamma&masalo_02.jpg”]
Amsterdam born and based vibemakers Kamma & Masalo are rising artists in their own right though as a DJ unit they create a whole new dimension of feelings to the crowd.
Born and raised in Amsterdam, Kamma’s path to her craft could not have come more naturally. She is the child of parents who both have DJ’d professionally for over 25 years. Kamma was raised on jazz, funk, disco, and early house. However, her selections go deep beyond her traditional roots. Her instinct and open-mindedness result in sets that purvey a wide range of sounds, from complex rhythms to dreamy waves and new era electronics. With class-act performances at ZeeZout and Dimensions and beautiful trips on the horizon such as DGTL festival, a Japan tour and Southern Soul Festival, Kamma is ready to present the colourful depths of her record crate!
With roots in Japan and a career beginning to make waves in Amsterdam, Masalo is leading a new generation of dance music talent in The Netherland’s capital. His diversified upbringing is strongly translated into his musical output. Masalo’s mixes are proof of this hybridism, unearthing organic music and combining them with records that could be seen as modern-day successors of the original dance music. A performer from the heart with a raw Amsterdam aesthetic. Masalo’s production art embodies this same spirit, getting much plays and support from respected selectors and music lovers. With the recent ‘New Dance’ EP Masalo is making his solo debut on Rush Hour Records.
Kamma & Masalo run the dance party series Brighter Days, a colourful get-together celebrating dance music culture to the fullest. Brighter Days pushes the spirit of friendship and togetherness on the dancefloor, welcoming local talent along tastemakers such as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Hunee, Kuniyuki, Jamie 3:26, Ge-ology and many more
Joining internationally renowned agency Sounds Familiar is another highlight in their blooming journey. With top-shelf performances and winning the hearts of many dance aficionados around the globe, a prospect is emerging as brightly as their party’s name.

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-04.jpg” num=”3″]Joey Abando[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-04.jpg” num=”3″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]The Boyfriends are a musical group from Manila who were originally composed of Joey Abando, Gary Ariola, Bob Guzman, and Artie Ilacad. Their heyday was in the 1970s as a leading exponent of the Manila Sound, with pop and disco harmonies reminiscent of the Bee Gees — their hits include “Dahil Mahal Kita” and “Sumayaw, Sumunod,” which have become OPM classics transcending generations. Joey now performs with his own band, as the original voice of Boyfriends, and continues to play their hit songs, since the band split up in the ‘80s.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-07.jpg” num=”6″]Adrianne[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-07.jpg” num=”6″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]

Born and raised in Manila, Adrianne’s first introduction to electronic music was through XX XX’s Elephant Party. She went from being a club regular to resident DJ in the only queer house/techno party in the city. Her style stems from classic ‘90s vocal house to high energy sexy techno, creating fast-beat, high-tempo adrenaline on the dance floor. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, she strives to give a nod to the early ‘90s queer house scene, which was all about the feeling of liberation, love, and safety in the hidden spaces of the city.

Then there is Elephant Party resident and techno queen, Dignos. Her unapologetic style, mixed with a penchant for playing dark dance tracks, makes her stand out as one to watch. Manila is lucky to have Dignos taking the reins and pushing the envelope.

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-10.jpg” num=”7″]Dignos[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-10.jpg” num=”7″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]

Born and raised in Manila, Adrianne’s first introduction to electronic music was through XX XX’s Elephant Party. She went from being a club regular to resident DJ in the only queer house/techno party in the city. Her style stems from classic ‘90s vocal house to high energy sexy techno, creating fast-beat, high-tempo adrenaline on the dance floor. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, she strives to give a nod to the early ‘90s queer house scene, which was all about the feeling of liberation, love, and safety in the hidden spaces of the city.

Then there is Elephant Party resident and techno queen, Dignos. Her unapologetic style, mixed with a penchant for playing dark dance tracks, makes her stand out as one to watch. Manila is lucky to have Dignos taking the reins and pushing the envelope.

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-11.jpg” num=”9″]Arbie Won[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-11.jpg” num=”9″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]Arbie Won has played an integral part in shaping the sound of the local hip-hop scene. Whether doing DJ gigs around the metro, or in the studio collaborating with other artists. DJ Arbie Won has obeyed one general rule in his music career that has spanned over a decade: Keepin’ it fresh. He has come a long way from his mobile days and house parties (although he still does those), and is now all set to drop his new album, Untitled Freestyle vol. 3, featuring collaborations with Nyko Maca, Nimbus 9, Beng Calma of Drip, and other surprise artists.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-08.jpg” num=”8″]Badkiss[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-08.jpg” num=”8″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]Music is what feelings sound like, they say, and Badkiss has felt all types of ways about life, music, and dance; about being free and letting your truth shine. Her selections are representations of where she’s at on her personal journey through the music universe, which she has been fortunate to share with the Manila scene over the past 15 years. She has also taken her sound international, having been spotted playing at Tony Touch’s Funkbox in NYC, MdcL’s CHURCH in LA, Louis Vuitton events in Hong Kong, LeBaron in Shanghai (2019), and the TRUNK Hotel in Tokyo (2019).[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-05.jpg” num=”4″]Big Hat Gang[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-05.jpg” num=”4″ icon=”fa-spotify” url=””]Big Hat Gang is an electronic music producer whose live performances use synth modules to stream cyclical rhythms inspired by the electronica, synthwave, and minimal genres. 5 (2016) and How I Am At Home (2017) are first releases that exhibit an affinity towards such. He continues to work on live sets by performing at venues that host more experimental events, such as XX XX (Elephant Party), Limbo, and Today X Future (BLITZ). The recently released Spacer (2019), under Offshore Music, is a tribute to the “spacey” rock/disco genres.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Bins_07_Thumb.jpg”]Bins[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Bins_07.jpg”]
Bins (FKA BIN5) is a Metro Manila-based DJ and producer. Immersed in the metro’s underground music scene, he’s accumulated a deep understanding of rhythm and mixing. He uses this knowledge to traverse between genres—jazz, funk, disco, house, and techno—each track blending into the next, moving minds and bodies on the dance floor.
Born and raised in Metro Manila, music has always been a part of his life, but he only found his place in it when he discovered electronic music. Frequenting events such as “Dubplate” and “Subflex,” two cornerstones of the left-field music scene in the late aughts and early ‘10s, he learned more about this new expansive world.
In 2012, he co-founded the BuwanBuwan Collective, an artist collective and record label. Their mission was to create a platform for other producers and DJs in the Philippines to connect and express themselves through their music. With their own long-running series of events called “Bakunawa,” they were able to expand the electronic music community and open doors for aspiring artists.
The opening of XX XX in 2016 marked a new chapter in Bins’ ongoing musical journey. As one of the club’s resident DJs, he continued to push the accessibility and appreciation of electronic music, further sharpening his skills in mixing in order to jump across the plethora of tastes that he’s since integrated into his own personal style.
Since then, Bins has been entrenched in Metro Manila’s nascent but growing underground music scene, being one of the selectors that continues to push for the growth of the community through the expansion of the city’s palette. And while his sound is ever-evolving, you will never find any of his sets incomplete or unfulfilled. As he puts together everything that he’s learned to this point, there will always be something for everyone, that everyone now shares. Just how music is supposed to be.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/JasonSoong_01_Thumb.jpg”]Jason Soong[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/JasonSoong_01.jpg”]
After living in New York and getting a taste of Deep soulful house music back in 2005-2006, Jason along with his dj-mentor Benjo Marquez put together House of Soul with a vision to bring a fresh sound to manila. They did that in a span of a year by bringing in House legend, and Grammy winner little Louie vega, along with other artists such as Tortured soul, Eddie amador, Rasmus Faber, grant Nelson, jean Claude ades, victor Simonelli and more. With his new group, Groove Manila, he’s back on the decks with that soulful sound.[/artist_bio]

src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/HernandezBros_01.jpg”]Hernandez Brothers[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/HernandezBros_01.jpg”]Hernandez Brothers is a drum and percussion duo hailing from Metro Manila. With purely drums, congas and other percussion instruments, the serve a fusion of rhythms with flavors of afrobeat, latin, samba, world, funk and Rock & Roll. Their palpable and infectious performance is best enjoyed live and raw where the audience can’t help but participate in the drumming and dance themselves to ecstacy. The brothers believe that involving the audience can take the performance to truly satisfying and delectable depths.
Collaboration is their creed as the brothers enthusiastically perform alongside DJs and various instrumentalists who fit their style. Enterprising in nature, Hernandez Brothers delve into creative projects with visual artists, film makers, performance artists, fashion designers and music producers to push artistic limits and reach wider audiences.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Lustbass_01_Thumb.jpg”]Lustbass[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Lustbass_01.jpg”][/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Joee&I_02.jpg”]Joee & I[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Joee&I_02.jpg”]Joee & I is an electronic music act from the Philippines presenting the work of Joee Mejias, a musician and multi-media artist, and her collaborators. Joee & I’s music combines field recordings, traditional and found instruments, electronic beats and voice forming songs that exist in inner memories, dream altered states, fragments of a real or imagined journey. Live performances vary in use of projections, video, installation, and live performers influenced by Joee’s background in film and theater. Joee has performed in venues around Southeast Asia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and has been touring around the Philippines. She is co-producer of WSK: Festival Of The Recently Possible, an international festival of digital arts and electronic music in the Philippines and co-founder of HERESY, a platform for women in sound and multimedia.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/JoseDavid_01_Thumb.jpg”]Jose David[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/JoseDavid_01.jpg”]A true-blue music aficionado, JOSE DAVID has provided Manila with solid musical selection for some time. Finding home base at The Bowery BGC, he’s one of the founding members of Two Days Down. With particular leanings towards disco, jazz, house and undeniable groove, he pushes for A Nice Time™ on and off the dancefloor.
Catch him for a proper sunset at UNKNWN.Fiesta[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/LesMaladroits_01.jpg”]Les Maladroits[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/LesMaladroits_01.jpg”]Les MaladroitsLes Maladroits is a Manila-based DJ that likes to blend a variety of genres ranging from Trip Hop, Downtempo, Acid Jazz and more.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Pamcy_02_Thumb.jpg”]Pamcy[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Pamcy_02.jpg”]PamcyPamcy is an electronic music producer and DJ from Manila, Philippines. She started out as a beatmaker in 2017—creating house and pop-influenced beats from her bedroom. She is also a DJ with an affinity for the grooviest sounds—mixing house, neo soul, pop, nu-disco, electronic beats, and everything in between.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/RedI_01_Thumb.jpg”]Red-I[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/RedI_01.jpg”]Red-I, a DJ/Producer and founding member of B-Side, Black Market and Irie Sunday Manila is one of the corner stones of the local music scene. His layered style borrows heavily from the worlds of roots, dub, reggae and bass weight, blending past future sound. In 2012 he dropped his first album, Jahdgement Day, which was the first vinyl to be released in the Philippines since the early 90’s. Since then he has also released numerous beat tapes & mix tapes and has been producing and releasing projects in different labels . In 2018 he got signed under OTO records based in Tokyo, Japan and has already released 3 different international projects Collaborating with Uk’s Mc Brother Culture, Japan’s veteran Mc’s Papa U-gee & Ras Kanto, Manila & Cebu’s new roots Mc’s Ras Taro & King Spade and heavy weight African Dub producer Jacin..
Him and his crew also run a local venue/club called Black Market which is a platform for the local beat makers and producers in local scene. He is also one of the creators of B-Side, which is a home from the local band / reggae scene and venue for Irie Sunday. Since 2010, Irie Sunday has become not only Manila’s most consistent weekly reggae event but is also recognized as one of S.E. Asia’s best reggae party according to a handful of reggae djs/ musicians and event promoters that has experienced it. This weekly bashment consists of live performances and DJ sets.
Unlike most reggae events in Manila, Irie Sunday not only exposes live reggae bands, but also has a focus on spreading the Deejay/selecta and sound system & vinyl culture. Red-i has played alongside, Johnny Osbourne, Ranking Joe, Macka B, Sister Nancy, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Freddy, Tippa Irie, General Levy, Brother Culture, Million Styles, Echo Ranks, Vibronics, Iration Steppas, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, The Bug, Kode 9, RSD, Nas, Mobb Deep, Dj Premier, Dj Krush, Dj QBert, D Styles, J Rocc, Dj Nu-Mark, The Gaslamp Killer, Onra, Samiyam, Teebs, Tokimonsta and More.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-06.jpg” num=”5″]Similarobjects[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/band-06.jpg” num=”5″ icon=”fa-soundcloud” url=””]Jorge Juan B. Wieneke aka similarobjects is an electronic music educator and producer from Metro Manila, Philippines. Seeking to aurally express the junction of technology, video games, and art by utilizing the theoretical frameworks of polystylism, spirituality, and esoterics, Similarobjects reaches into the depths of the modern-day with older, almost forgotten cultural lenses. Creating balanced soundscapes that fluctuate between our day’s chaos and the distant, hypnotic cries of nature, similarobjects is a constant effort to unite the now with an imagined spiritual past.[/artist_bio]

[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Squid9_01_Thumb.jpg”]Squid9[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Squid9_01.jpg”]Squid 9 is Raymund Marasigan’s electronic alter ego and musical adventures away from his bands (Sandwich, Pedicab, Assembly Generals, Basement Lung, Eraserheads).
The new ep Circuit Shorts, was produced with Shinji Tanaka (SLEX) and Daren Lim (For You Insidious) using a minimal pallette of drums, dusty samples and a couple of Novation Circuit groove boxes.
Catch their live sets in concerts, indie rock bars and dj clubs around the metro.[/artist_bio]
[artist src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Tarsius_01_Thumb.jpg”]Tarsius[/artist]
[artist_bio src=”/wp-content/themes/gnzki-unknwn/resources/images/Tarsius_01.jpg”]Manila-based duo Tarsius, composed of Diego Mapa (Pedicab, Eggboy) on sampler and Jay Gapasin (Kapitan Kulam, Radioactive Sago Project) on drums, combines electronic music and live instrumentation to produce dance tracks influenced by hip hop, big beat, house, jungle, psych and indie dance.
They met several years ago when Pedicab and Radioactive Sago Project were touring Geneva, Switzerland and Hong Kong in support of a non-goverment organization. Mapa and Gapasin instantly hit off with their common interest with electronic music.
Their track “Nightlife” has been played by London based producer Four Tet on the BBC Radio 1 and Boiler Room. He also played “Baluga 2000” (Baluga 2000 E.P 2015) on Rinse FM U.K. Electronic duo, Dark Sky (Monkeytown Records) included “AM” (More Rice Records 2017) in one of their mixes on NTS Radio in 2017.
Tarsius in their earlier years, remixed a track from U.K. electronic act Ladytron. The cut is included in a Record Store Day special release called, “Gravity Seducer Remixed” in 2013. The Filipino duo also have been remixed by Swiss DJ and Producer, Manuel Fischer; which is included in their latest E.P. called “Igado” (More Rice 2017).
In Manila, they’ve opened for international acts such as Toro Y Moi (US), Ningen OK (Japan), Max Tundra (Warp Records U.K.), Free The Robots (US), and Delorean (Spain).
Tarsius has graced international shows and festivals such as Intastella Burst presents Numberline Records in Hong Kong 2012, Clockenflap 2014 (Hong Kong), Mai Asia Festival 2015 (Osaka, Japan), Wonderfruit 2015 (Pattaya, Thailand), More Rice Presents: No Rice No Life Tour (Bangkok, Thailand) and Malasimbo Festival 2015 (Puerto Galera, Philippines).
Tarsius’ latest release called the “Igado E.P” on 12” vinyl is available on-line through Lobster Records Distribution, Phonica Records, and Juno Records. Their debut “Primate” is still available on digital download through Numberline Records’ Bandcamp page. Their sophomore E.P called teamed up with design and clothing line Team Manila called, Baluga 2000 is available for download and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Tarsius is one of the first Filipino artist to release a vinyl LP (“Primate” Numberline Records 2012) in the Philippines that spearheaded the resurgence of releasing the format by a local artist in 2012.