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It began as a passion project to offer another spectrum surrounding music events in Manila — a collective desire to bring people together through dance and culture. Since then, UNKNWN has produced 40+ shows over the past 4 years with attendees growing from 200 to over 1,500.

Breaking the usual event format, UNKNWN seeks out-of-the-ordinary venues around the country, inviting guests to discover something new each time. Such unique experience trickles into the production and design of each event with no two events looking alike.

Musically, UNKNWN has brought together international and local talents, providing a dancefloor for enthusiastic music lovers who appreciate all forms of dance music. Past guests have included Jamie xx, Breakbot, Four Tet, Crazy P, Hunee, Kim Ann Foxman and Tim Sweeney amongst others.


UNKNWN aims to focus its efforts into a one-day festival in the Philippine capital (to be announced soon) as the natural next step.

UNKNWN.Fiesta will showcase the liveliness and spirit of Filipino fiestas such as Ati-Atihan, Sinulog and Pahiyas whilst incorporating elements celebrating Philippine culture, heritage and everyday life — from the ubiquitous jeepney plaka to the ever-colorful sari-sari stores. All this and more, married with the last four years of UNKNWN experience.

With music always being central to the brand, UNKNWN.Fiesta will be a fusion of favourite international artists from around the globe as well as established and up-and-coming local acts of various genres.

Furthering the experience, UNKNWN.Fiesta also hopes to elevate environmental consciousness through simple yet impactful efforts during the event.

From 2016 to taking the next step in 2020, UNKNWN is thankful to the community support received over the years. Evolving into a festival could not happen without the enthusiastic attendance of all our guests. With everyone’s support, UNKNWN.Fiesta hopes to enter the international festival map as Manila’s dance music festival with a distinct Pinoy flavor.



  • Kornel Kovacs
  • Breakbot & Irfane
  • Kim Ann Foxman
  • Crazy P
  • C’est Qui
  • Four Tet
  • Maarten
  • Tim Sweeney
  • Jamie xx
  • Hunee
  • No Regular Play
  • Nd_Baumecker
  • Answer Code Request
  • Francesca Lombardo